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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sneak peak - the Hammertone brass guitar

Here`s a sneak peak of the guitar I'm building.

It`s a wood and hammered brass body with bolt on neck.

It`s playable, but far from done.
In the end it will have some sort of wooden pick guard, a sunburst patina like the uke and proper edge binding.

How does it sound?

I've got a custom pre-amp in it built by my friend Vlad that blends between the magnetic pickups and an internal microphone.  On the magnetic (standard electric guitar) setting it sounds great, just like a standard electric should.  The microphone pickup needs some work however.  It's really prone to feeding back at the resonant frequencies of the top and back and it sounds rather brassy, like a cookie tin with strings.  Needs work.  I'll probably end up having to dampen the top and back with some sort of something.
Suggestions welcome. 

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